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The Kilduff Auto-Shifting Bicycle 
3-Speed automatic transmission beach cruiser
              Do you really need 24 gears?
       Do you really want to go faster than 40 mph on a bicycle?
 Then do yourself a favor and get the Kilduff Bike with the automatic 3-speed transmission. 

 Just jump on and ride. There's a kick brake so handle bars are free of levers. Unless you're Lance Armstong, the Kilduff bike is all you need. 
 Get the Kilduff Bike with the Automatic 3-speed for only
Get the Kilduff Bike with the optional power brakes for only $599

Now with optional power brakes.
 Patent Pending
Just kick the peddle back and the front and rear brakes apply at the same time.
It's the only bike in the world to do this!
No more hands getting tired of braking.
Your legs are stronger than your hands.
Always use both brakes when stopping.
Most people only use one brake when stopping. No more. Get the Kilduff Bike and stop safely with both brakes...............every time !!!!!!
The Kilduff Bike automaticlly finds the right gear for you. The Kilduff Bike uses a 3-speed internal hub that is shifted through our revolutionary mechanism. No computers. No batteries. No Eddie Haskells.

If you want the automatic shifter without the bike, we can do that too. Just make sure your bike has a shimano nexus 3 speed hub.
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